Frequently Asked Questions about HeatIt products

Here we've published some of the most frequently asked question that we receive about our HeatIt products.


If you hav questions that there is no answer for here - please fel free to use the contact form in the left column and we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

QUESTION: I know that there is a possibility to attach two external temperature sensors, but is there also an on-board integrated temp-sensor available?

ANWER: Yes, it is.

QUESTION: Is there any LED or display Icon showing that the Thermostat is currently heating, a kind of on/off or lower/warmer signalling on the display?

ANWER: Yes, there is a small Bi-LED with a red light when the Thermostat is pulling load. This light can be found on the right hand corner, right below the numers on the display. Once load on the thermostat is activated you'll hear a click-sound when the relay kicks in, at the same time the LED will light.

QUESTION:Is it possible to change the set-temperature via Z-Wave, to overwrite the manually entered one?

ANWER: Yes it is. Bi-directional control is enabled. (Use any supported gateway for this).

QUESTION: Do I need an external sensor or is it also working without?

ANWER: The thermostat will work without an external sensor - but it will use the readings from the on-board sensor to determine the temperature to the equipment it controls. If you are interested in reading the exact measured temperature, an external sensor will be more accurate. The internal sensor will be sufficientfor 95% of the users.

QUESTION: If I manually change the set-temperature by using the buttons on the Thermostat, how long will it be valid / used?

ANWER: The manually set value will be active until you make a new set-point or if you use a gateway; til the next schedualed temperature setting is activated.

QUESTION: Maybe for 2h until it fall back to the last set-temp by Z-Wave, or it stays forever until the next Z-Wave or manual change comes in?

ANWER: The temperature you set manually will be active until you either set a new temperature on the Thermostat using the buttons, adjust the setting via the Gateway or adjust the temperature using a Gateway and Z-Wave.

QUESTION: How can I purchase the Heatit Z-Wave Thermostat in the US or Canada?

ANWER: The Heatit thermostat is not for sale in the US and Canadian market. Due to local regulations the product will not be made available for this market.

QUESTION: Does the HeatIt thermostat fit in a standard Gira-frame?

ANWER: Yes. It fits well with system 55 that is used by Gira and other premium manufactorers.

QUESTION: Are there any information or manuals available in German?

ANWER: Yes. You'll find relevant information in German following this link »


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