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Heatit Z-Push Button 4 white

Push button for Z-Wave

€ 50.00 inc.vat

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Heatit Z-Push Button4 is a battery operated wall switch with 4 push-buttons. The switch enables you to control the Z-Wave-products in your smart home system. Managing your Z-Wave products becomes easy and practical. The switch can be set up to control scenarios or work in associations with other Z-Wave products.

Heatit Z-Push Button4 can control 2 association groups with up to 10 products or up to 8 scenarios through your gateway. Heatit Z-Push Button4 may not be used as a stand-alone unit; it must be included in a gateway to function.

The switch fits into System 55 frames.

The switch is easy to install, and may be fastened with screws or double-sided tape.
GTIN: 7071236015109 4512682
Technical data
  • Chip: Z-Wave 500 chip
  • Voltage: Batteri 1 x CR2450
  • Min. working temperature (°C): 5
  • Ingress protection (IP): IP 20
  • Certifications: Z-Wave Plus
  • International standard: RoHS 2011/65/EU / ,CE
Stock Info
ILimited stock
The product is located in Sweden, and will be shipped from Sweden.

VAT applicable for personal use. See Pricing-section.
Shipping cost will apply.
The device is maintenance-free.
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