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Heatit WiFi6 Thermostat

Wi-Fi thermostat 3600W 16A

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Heatit WiFi6 is an electronic thermostat designed for electrical heating. The thermostat can be controlled using the ”MyHeatit” App via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (BLE), or by the buttons on the front of the thermostat. The thermostat has a user friendly interface.

Heatit WiFi6 has 3 modes; Heat - Cool and Eco.

The thermostat fits in standard European junction boxes and may be used with most System 55 frames. It has a sturdy metal frame for secure fastening on the junction box. The thermostat has a built-in room temperature sensor. Two additional external temperature sensors may also be connected. The device has an open API and supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home (open API, Amazon Alexa and Google Home is pending).

The installer configures the system via Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is not available, the system can be configured and set up via Bluetooth. After the system is set up, the installer can transfer the property to the customer. The customer can then transfer the system to their Wi-Fi network.

All our new Heatit products with Wi-Fi support will be supported through our app; "MyHeatit". In the "MyHeatit" App, you can create your own profiles such as "Home – Away – Night – Holiday" and thus control, monitor and organize all the connected devices, or control them via weekly schedule.

The thermostat can communicate over a local API, where the user can make integration with a local gateway, server, controller that offers such a service.

Heatit WiFi6 has active power metering, which allows the user to see the real time power consumption. It also allows you to set the power metering value manually in case of connection with a contactor.

The device has implemented ZeroX technology. This technology makes sure the relay switches at 0V when turning on and off. With this technology the thermostat will have a much longer lifetime.
GTIN: 7071236018117
Art.no.: 5430542
  • Wi-Fi/BLE thermostat
  • Internal room sensor
  • External room sensor (wired by cable)
  • Floor sensor
  • Power regulator
  • Temperature limiter
  • 3 modes; Heat - Cool and Eco
  • Hysteresis/PWM
  • Temperature calibration
  • Open window detection
  • ZeroX detection
  • Relay status icon
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Single pole switch
  • Lock mode/child lock
  • Google Home, Amazone Alexa and open API (pending)
  • Weekly schedule in app
  • Profiles; Home - Away - Night - Holiday
  • Active power metering
  • Firmware update (OTA)
Technical data
  • Voltage: 230VAC 50Hz
  • Max load (Watt - resistive load): 3600
  • Own power usage (watt): 2
  • Effect regulator: Timed cycle 0-30 minutes
  • Hysteresis: 0,3 to 3,0 (default hysteresis 0,5)
  • Switch type: One-pole switch
  • Compatible NTC-sensors (Ω @ 25°C): 10, 12, 15, 22, 33, 47, 6.8, 100
  • Protection grade (IP): IP21
  • Alternate IoT-communication procols: Bluetooth® low energy, WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) 2,4GHz
  • Ambient humidity (RH non-condensing %): 10-85
  • Ambient temperature range in storage (°C): -30-70
  • Total gross effect (W): 3600
  • Declarations: RoHS, Reach
  • International standard: Nemko, CE
  • Signal range radio frequency (max no. meters): 30
  • Max connection dimension (mm²): 2,5
  • Push buttons: 3
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Key points
Modes - The thermostat has 3 modes: Heat - Cool, and Eco. Cool and Eco are new features.

Metal frame - The thermostat features a metal frame for secure mounting in the junction box, which enhances the product’s durability in contrast to previous plastic solutions.

ZeroX detection - Products like Heatit Z-TRM6 and Multireg6 have implemented ZeroX technology.

This technology makes sure the relay switches at 0V when turning on and off. With this technology the thermostat will have a much longer lifetime.

Power regulator - An upgrade from the Heatit Z-TRM3, the Heatit Z-TRM6 features a power regulator to control your electrical heating system.

Hysteresis - With hysteresis regulation enabled, the thermostat will regulate solely based on temperature. The thermostat switches on and off based on the hysteresis value in relation to the setpoint.

Pulse width modulation/PWM - With pulse width modulation regulation enabled, the thermostat will regulate based on cycles. The thermostat switches on and off in percentage intervals of the cycle.

Open window detection - With open window detection, the thermostat detects if a window is open, allowing it to cut off heating when there is a rapid drop in temperature.

Active power metering - Heatit Z-TRM6 has active power metering and it gives you real time information about your power consumption.

Push buttons - With a combination of push buttons and touch functionality, the thermostat has become more user-friendly.
The device is maintenance-free. Indoor use only.
Dealers / Where to buy
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