Smart energy conservation

To be able to save, you need to know where and when you can save.
Then you need to connect these factors together in an intelligent way.

That's exactly what we do with Heatit Renergy.
We know when electricity prices are expected to be high and can implement measures so that units that use a lot of electricity are switched off or run with reduced consumption when electricity is at its most expensive.

That way, it is possible to avoid the price peaks and use the cheapest electricity throughout the day - completely automatically!

By retrieving figures that predict price in the next 24 hours, Heatit Renergy are able to control relays, thermostats and electric car chargers* and ensure that these are not activated at all, or run with limited power consumption during the hours when electricity is most expensive.

Heatit Renergy offers great opportunities to optimize power consumption by automatically saving power during the hours when electricity is expensive. When the integration is installed, it is defined which loads should be possible to control, and the most important loads to control will normally be: 

  • Heating
  • Hot water
  • Electric car charging *

Heatit Renergy requires a smart home system from Thermo-Floor AS, but it is not necessary to install a completely new system. Anyone who has a FIBARO Home Center 3 or Home Center 3 Small gateway can have the solution installed when purchasing Heatit Renergy. The units to be controlled must be set up with Z-Wave compatible thermostats and relays.

The user decides how many hours a day the power consumption should be controlled. This is done via the Yubii app. 
A programming job must be done to set up the integration. This job must be performed either by an electrician or Thermo-Floor AS.

The end result is a power saving system that automatically helps you save power during the hours the power is expensive.

* Electric car charging are under developement and will be available shortly.


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