Z-Wave is a wireless communication protocol for managing smart devices in your home.

What is z-Wave Plus?
Z-Wave Plus is a certification which confirms that a device is up to date with the newest Z-Wave Plus standards and contains  the newest Z-Wave hardware. This ensures you that the product is stable, with enhanced battery life, increased range and optimal compability with other Z-Wave Plus certified products.

Compability between z-wave units
With a great variety of Z-Wave units, not all will work smoothly with all gateways on the market. We are happy to share our experiences regarding the interoperability of our products. Upgrading to beta versions is not recommended.

Mesh network
Z-Wave units contribute to creating a mesh network. A mesh network lets devices receive and send signals to surrounding units to enhance signal range and increase network stability.

Z-wave unit range
Z-Wave unit range may vary according to surrounding building mass. All Z-Wave Plus units have been tested for a range of up to 40 meters of unobstructed space.


S2 security
S2 security is a security standard for Z-Wave which uses advanced encrypatation to safeguard your Z-Wave network from hacking or «man-in-the-middle» attacks. You may use Z-Wave doorlocks, garage door openers and similar devices without jeopardizing
your security.


SmartStart is a new, efficient and fast way of adding devices  to your Z-Wave network. You simply install the device and power it up. The gateway automatically recognizes and adds  the device, or you may choose to do it by scanning the  QR code printed on the unit itself. Adding devices has  never been easier or faster.


ZeroX Detection
Devices marked with the ZeroX Detection symbol has built-in functionatliy that makes sure the relay switches at 0V when turning on and off. - this applies to products with some sort of relay installed. Through the use of this technology the products have a greatly improved reliability and lifespan. 

Power Metering Icon

Power metering (smart)
Devices marked with Power Metering has the option of measuring power consumption on the connected load. The consumption may be monitored through an app, be logged and also prompt commands.

Power metering (on board)
Devices marked with this Power Metering symbol has the option of measuring power consumption on the connected load which can be monitored on the devices' display.

Over The Air update (OTA)
Devices marked with this symbol has the ability to be update it's firmware through either a gateway or an app increasing reliabilty, error handling and lifetime of the devices. 

Near Field Communication (NFC)
Devices marked with this symbol has support for communication with the device using Near Field Communications standards. 

Devices marked with this symbol has Bluetooth functionality - mostly for adding and removing devices in the setup process.
Heatit Controls AB is a member of Bluetooth SIG 

Matter Compatible
Devices marked with this symbol indicates that the products communication protocol is compatible with the Matter standard for IoT products. 


More and more products in the IoT segments rely on the use of WiFi. The use of WiFi as a communication platform has many advantages and often removes the need for a dedicated hub or home center in order to control and connect your devices. 

WiFi symbol
Devices marked with this symbol is WiFi Compatible. Please note that this does not mean that it's compatible with the myHeatit-app. Devices using this symbol, normally require a specific app in order to be controlled. 


myHeatit is the application developed by Heatit Controls to enable advanced configuration and control of WiFi devices. 

More information on the app will appear on this website shortly. 

Ambient temperature
The temperature interval that the unit may be placed in for extended periods of time.

Temperature range
This is the minimum and maximum temperature that the thermostat can use as a setpoint.


Here you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive about our HeatIt products.

If you have other questions - please feel free to contact us and and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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At some point we will include the FAQ-section under each product, making it easier and faster for you to find the necessary information.

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I know that there is an option to attach two external temperature sensors, but is there also an on-board integrated temp-sensor available?

Yes, there is.

Do I need an external sensor, or does the thermostat also work without one?

The thermostat will work without an external sensor - but it will use the readings from the on-board sensor to determine the temperature of the equipment it controls. If you are interested in reading the exact measured temperature, an external sensor will be more accurate. The internal sensor will be sufficient for 95% of the users.

Is there any LED or display icon signalling that the Thermostat is currently heating - a kind of on/off or heating indicator on the display?

Yes, there is a small Bi-LED with a red light when the thermostat is pulling load. This diode can be found in the right hand corner, directly below the numbers on the display. Once the load on the thermostat is activated, you will hear a clicking sound when the relay kicks in. At the same time, the LED will light up.

Is it possible to change the set-temperature via Z-Wave, to overwrite the manually entered one?

Yes it is. Bi-directional control is enabled. (Use any supported gateway for this).

If I manually change the set-temperature by using the buttons on the Thermostat, how long will this change be valid / in use?

The manually set value will be active until you make a new set-point. If you use a gateway, it will be in use until the next scheduled temperature setting is activated.

Is the Heatit Z-Wave thermostat available in the US or in Canada?

The Heatit thermostat is not for sale on the US and Canadian market. Due to local regulations, the product will not be made available for this market.

Does the HeatIt thermostat fit in a standard Gira-frame?

Yes. It fits the system 55 that is used by Gira and other premium manufacterers.

Is there any information or manuals available in German?

No. There are no information in German as of now.

* Dimming
Lighting management may be challenging, and we recommend checking the compatibility of different units before installation.
We are happy to answer any questions.