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Heatit Z-DIN 616

6 x 16A Z-Wave relay for DIN rail

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Heatit Z-DIN 616 is a 6 x 16A potensial free relay for DIN-rail mounting. The module is equipped with 6 relay switches and 6 digital inputs.

The 6 independent relay switches can be controlled freely through the Z-Wave network and may be used for many different purposes. For example, the 6 digital inputs may be connected to potential-free connectors or open collector outputs, and the inputs allow you to control other Z-Wave devices by sending commands through the Z-Wave network.

The Heatit DIN-rail module can be used for connecting 6 x 230VAC loads freely controllable from the Z-Wave network. All 6 relay outputs are galvanically separated. The 6 inputs of the DIN-rail module allow you to activate predefined scenes in a Z-Wave primary controller.

GTIN: 7071236014324 4512561
  • DIN-rail module with 6 relay outputs and 6 digital inputs
  • 6 x 16A potential free relays
  • Z-Wave interface for other systems in order to control them through the Z-Wave network
  • Mounted on DIN-rail in switchboard
  • Potential free circuit control
  • 2-pole switch solution when using 2 x relays combined
  • Firmware update (OTA)
  • Supports encryption mode S0, S2 Authenticated Class, S2 Unauthenticated Class
Technical data
  • IOT Protocol: Z-Wave - 868.4 MHz (EU)
  • Voltage: 24VDC
  • Max load (Watt - resistive load): 40
  • Own power usage (watt): 0.6
  • Protection grade (IP): IP20
  • Alternate IoT-communication procols: No alternative communication protocols
  • Input connections: 6 x 1-pol load (potential free 5mm distance), max10V DC
  • Declarations: RoHS, Reach
  • International standard: RoHS 2011/65/EU, EMC 2014/30/EU, EN 50491-3:2009, EN 60669-2: 2004, LVD 2014/35/EU, CE
  • Signal range radio frequency (max no. meters): 40
  • Max connection dimension (mm²): 2,5
  • Outputs: AC1: 16A 250V AC , AC3: 750W (motor), AC15: 360VA, 6 x 1-pole load (potential free)
  • IOT Chip type: Z-Wave 500 chip
  • Z-Wave encryption mode: S2 Unauthenticated Class, S2 Authenticated Class, S0
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