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You can now download and read the new Heatit folder. 

Download Heatit folder

Living in Norway and Sweden has it's perks;
- we know the cold and most importantly; how to get warm!

Through our experience, we know how to heat our homes in the most economic and efficient way, both for the sake of comfort and of staying warm. Heatits' sister company Thermo-Floor has over 30 years of experience and have a wide range of products that enable you to heat your home and make it comfortable even during the coldest of winter months. Heatit distributes and sells heating solutions, snow- and ice removal systems and many other related products utilizing the unique knowledge and experience from Thermo-Floor. 

Take a look at our new Heating Solutions catalogue - and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

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How does it all come together?

A gateway that is connected to the internet via a router is the brain of the system. It handles all information between you and the various functions of
the system.

The gateway processes all information from the systems wireless sensors that are connected to the products you want to control. These are based on the parameters you have submitted, or on choices you make there and then. A simple user interface on your PC, phone or tablet is all that is needed
to manage the house. Your local electrician can help you with setting up the system and install the different products needed for the system devices to

If you are using a smartphone, you already have the skills needed. Your smart home system may be expanded gradually. You can start with a few
simple applications, and later add on as you experience the benefits and the joy of all the possibilities the system provides!